Our Story


A Louisiana native, Abby Franklin lives in Nashville, TN, where she bases her styling and retail businesses. After starting as a production assistant, Abby is now a regular fixture on the international music scene. She has worked with music icons, including Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson and Lenny Kravitz. She is also the owner and buyer for The Trunk.

“Most people strive for an exciting job. Some how my exciting job found me. The word ‘stylist’ gets thrown around an awful lot these days. I never set out to be a stylist, the title was given to me after several jobs where I dressed artists. I have a successful career born from years of hard work and few lucky breaks. I work with some amazing musicians, artists and creative people and Trunk is an extension of what I’ve learned about individual style and what people want to wear.”

The Trunk has been featured in Lucky Magazine,  Vogue.com, The Tennessean, CNN Spotlight, Huffington Post, AOL, Garden and Gun, Muses & Visionaries, The Style Shack and more.